Reflection on Ringing - from Deb WeberSmith


My first introduction to what a bell ringer group does was through my Aunt and Shared Joy BRingers kindly allowing me to join them one time when I was visiting Aunt Christine and Uncle Robert. Though I already played piano, I learned SO much from only a few times with the group: the thing that ‘struck’ me like a beautiful note, was how producing this music relies so profoundly on each member contributing and staying on rhythm with the expert help of the director. You can’t just play a note when you feel like it at your own pace it ruins the piece!

The other reflection I gained from this experience is the “sweet spot” and harmonizing. Now, these are technical music terms, but it is what they represent that means so much to me: the bells are made so that they are struck at just the right spot on the inside of the bell - where it can make the purest tone and richest sound for that note; they also harmonize well when a complimentary note is struck at the same time - the vibrations literally enhance each other. It’s much like when one person just resonates with another and together they make the others world brighter and more enjoyable.

Lastly, every member in this group brings something special to contribute, and all the members I’ve had the pleasure of meeting have left a permanent positive impression on my life. 

Also - it’s fun! There are BIG bells which add dimension, little ones with delicate tones, some people can ring 4 bells, others only one, bells can be softer, louder, strummed similar to a drum, or their beautiful harmony lingering across an echoey room for a moment - and you wish the sound didn’t have to end it’s beautiful journey in your ear.

When you’re a ringer you get to gift joyful vibrations to the whole world. I highly recommend at least giving it a try. It’s literally about sharing joy. Who couldn’t use more of it?