Wanted:  New members!


We're looking for people with heart who would like to be part of a group where everyone is needed and knows it, and that is helping to bring peace to our earth. This particular group is Shared Joy BRingers Community Handbell Choir where we ring with our hearts on our sleeves.


It exists because: 

Our director, Christine Weber-Kearney has a passion for--

*creating something beautiful

*through music

*where each person is so important

*even though that person's part alone makes no sense.

She has a passion for--

*empowering people to do something they didn't think they could do and

*through personal inner growth, helping to bring peace to the Universe.

From Christine:

1) I went to a handbell workshop over 21 years ago and thought, "Oh, my gosh, EVERYBODY'S IMPORTANT! If a ringer is missing, no one else can just grow extra arms!"


2) Almost 23 years ago, the Columbine School massacre happened. A piece was written to be rung all over the world. Its purpose was to tell people thru music that life will triumph and cooperation is possible. I was hooked.



What is the commitment

Weekly Wednesday rehearsal, about 90 minutes, from late September to about mid-June.

When:  Wednesdays 6:50 PM - 8:30 PM. Please let me know if you intend to drop by. (see below)

Where: St. Luke the Physician Episcopal Church, 120 SW Towle, Gresham 97080.  Call for more directions. 

Why: To continue our mission of helping people connect with themselves and one another, thus doing our part to bring our world into a harmonious community. We have rung for church services in a number of denominations, retirement communities, anniversaries, memorial services, birthdays.

How: Weekly rehearsal begins with time for reflection, and progresses through skill builders and rehearsal of specific musical pieces. We usually practice 2-3 pieces at any given time.



Contact info:

Christine Weber-Kearney 503-901-3117.

Text or message OK. 

Email:  joybringers2@gmail.com


Don't worry if you don't read music--yet. To quote Stevie Berryman, Artistic Director of Houston Chamber Ringers, "I can teach you how to ring. I can't teach you how to be fun to ring with....I don't need a body; I need a heart." On the other hand, if you're already a strong musician but your goal is to ring hard and fast, Shared Joy BRingers probably wouldn't be the place. We ring beautifully. I can always make your part more difficult. And I do know choirs that ring hard and fast and would also love to have you. 


Right now, January 2022, we are 6 ringers counting Christine, the director.  We know that we can make beautiful music and bring joy with just the 6 of us. We also know that  if we had 12 (TWELVE) people, we could Bring Joy, Ring Joy and Share Joy with any of our 78 bells and chimes. We  hope that you or someone you know is up for that. Besides, it's great for developing a sense of humor as we all laugh at our mistakes/ aka creative interpretations